Top class urban development project

For Sale Price on request - Land
PLPLA25 161000 m2 Build up to: 32000 m2Freehold sale - title deeds available

Top class urban development project.
Individual private housing in countryside village estate.

The area of the project lies between Elounda und Plaka on the slope of the hill, facing the sea and Spinalonga and Kolokytha Island.
It is about 500 meters from the sea at an altitude of 40m to 130m height, parallel to the shoreline at an East-facing direction, enjoying the sun rise from inside the sea and the islands below.

The size of the land is 161.000 m2.
Out of that, 50% is used for roads, squares and public use and the other 50% for the development of private housing.
The total area occupied by the houses could be 80.500 m2.

The total building capacity is 32.000 m2 with the possibility to develop a hotel of up to 10,384 m2 and the remaining building capacity (21,616 m2) to be used for the construction of villas.
Alternatively, the entire building capacity of 32,000 m2 can be used for developing villas only.
The villas can be sold individually, each with its own title deeds, while the owner/developer of the project is obliged to develop and provide the infrastructures for the entire complex.

For the maturation of the business plan all the necessary approvals and permits from the authorities have been granted.

The area is world famous as a top class tourist destination.
It enjoys a very nice dry climate. It is considered one of the best in Greece.
Also the beaches are very clean and calm.

People are very friendly and welcoming and criminality is one of the lowest in Europe, making the place peaceful and safe.
As a result the area is dotted with several high class hotels (5*-6*).
Also a lot of luxury villas have been erected in the area both as permanent residences for rich people from all over the world and for renting out at top prices for high class tourists.

The property is supported by the existence of large and integrated access infrastructure and service of its residents and visitors.

Road Connection:
14 Km from Agios Nikolaos Crete,
4 km from Elounda.

Plane Connection:
40´ from Heraklion international airport “Nikos Kazantzakis”.

Sea Connection:
50´ from Heraklion city port,
15´ from Agios Nikolaos city port.
370m from the shore (on a straight line).

High protection network of the urban space.

14 km from Agios Nikolaos hospital.

Related Infrastructures:
Extended network of 5* hotel units.

Surrounding Environment:
Unparallel natural beauty,
Infrastructures and constructions of high luxury.

  • Measurements and distances are approximate and intended as a guide only.
  • The price does not include buyer's purchase expenses (purchase tax, legal/administrative costs and real estate agent fee).


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